Friday, July 22, 2011


I was at the pool the other day ease dropping on other's conversations while I sat and relaxed. Is it really ease dropping if they talk loud enough that you have no choice but to hear what is being said.

They are smokers and were enjoying their cigarettes while I was peeved that I was outdoors in fresh air and had to be subjected to their smoking. I was a good distance from them but you know how the cigarette smell just permeates.

Well the topic of their conversation was smoking at work. Their place of employment has become a no-smoking facility. After many complaints the management has agreed to give them two parking spaces in the parking garage as a designated smoking area. Instead of being glad that management gave them a space, they were complaining. Get this.... they don't think their designated smoking spots should be in the parking garage where they will have to breathe in all the exhaust fumes of passing cars.

REALLY..... You are worried about exhaust fumes while puffing something that kills your lungs.... REALLY!

I just shook my head thinking what a DUMB remark. It is OK if I kill myself with a cigarette but it is your fault that I must breathe in exhaust fumes.

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