Friday, July 15, 2011

God Happenings...

Several things happened recently that prove God exists and is all around us.

The first was a death. My former employee was diagnosed with Stage 3 pancreatic cancer a few months ago. Her testimony is not that cancer won but God won and wanted her home. I have been keeping several of my former employees up to date on her illness over the last two weeks. I was the one who had to call and email all them to let them know of her death yesterday. One emailed back and knew I was going to email her that day about that. See she was channel surfing when she stopped on the 700 Club. She had an overwhelming need to pray for our dear friend. She said, I prayed that God would take her home peacefully and without pain. It was during that time our dear friend and co-worker entered the Gates of Heaven. She is now singing and rejoicing with our Saviour. Please uplift her family during their new season of life as they mourn their dear Godly Mother. Well done good and faithful servant. Rejoice in your rewards

The second includes a wallet, my brother's to be exact. He drove off yesterday but was waved down by his mailman. His first thought was what kind of legal trouble am I in now. The mailman had a package he had to sign for. My brother signs it and the mailman takes off. He then opens it to discover his wallet that he did not even know was missing. He has no idea where he lost it at but some honest person found it and anonymously mailed it to him with everything still in tact. He only had a dollar in cash at the time at that dollar was still there. Thank you God for protecting. Please bless the anonymous finder with wealth, health and happiness. There still are good Samaritans in this world.

The final was VBS for my church. I took on the task as VBS coordinator. We did not have many kids last year by having VBS during the week. We decided to have it during church time on 5 Sundays in the summer. During the week last year my high attendance was 5. This Sunday I had 10 and are expecting more this Sunday. The adults rallied around being helpers and it was great. I left church on such a high Sunday.  We used Group's Pandamania and they make it so easy. I gave the craft person her kit. The recreation leader his kit. The music person her kit.The snack coordinator her kit and the teachers their lessons. Then I just had to get the kids from one station to the next. We even had a "panda" visit. We are calling her Panda Patti. I was ecstatic and can not wait until Sunday morning.

God is good.

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That corgi :) said...

God is good all the time! But it is nice to have situations like this where you can definitely see the hand of God on your life in life's events. I am sorry for the loss of your friend.