Sunday, July 10, 2011

I had to show you a picture of my outdoor kitty, Cocoa. You know the one that showed up at our doorstep with no hair and bumps all over two winters ago. Yep, she has taken up residence here. She is great with my nephew. You can see that she catches a lot of prey because she blends in with my dry grass environment. The funny part of today's photo, you cant see. What you can not see is that my mother, my nephew and myself were in the middle of a kickball game. Yep, she came and laid down right in the middle of all the action. If the ball came near her, she would just look at us like I know that ball is not going to hit me. If we were heading to base we would have to run and jump over her. Typical cat attitude.
I wish this picture did her a little more justice but it is with my camera phone. She really is a beautiful calico.
I will repeat her history. We were feeding two other orange tabby cats just like my indoor cat when she showed up looking awful. I mean even I could not stand to look at her. She was all bones, skin, bumps and no hair. I finally started feeding her and talking to her. Her hair started to come back and she became affectionate. We took her to get spayed and rabies shots. We were informed that she was already spayed. So she was someone's cat who probably kicked her out because of her skin problems. Yes, we did check the papers for lost cats but nothing ever appeared. So over time she has become ours. She stays in our neighbors garage at night that has a dog door. They dont care. On really cold nights or hurricane threats she stays in our garage so we know she is ok. The funny thing is that she never ventures past my house and the houses on either side of us. We have new neighbors moving in so that may change.
What I find so amazing is wherever she sleeps she can hear when someone wakes up in the house because she is at the doorstep waiting for food and water. She has her own bowl under the faucet outside. I moved it the other day to mow the grass and had it in my hand to put back but evidently I was too slow. She came up to me and swatted it out of my hand because she wanted water and she wanted it THEN.
She has snuck in a few times but my indoor cat has made it clear that this is his territory. She now will not cross the front door. They each have their territory.
I have no idea why I decided to share all this tonight. I guess because I have never had a solely outdoor kitty with such a great story and deposition. I really wish I could bring her in but Lilbit says NO WAY.

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