Wednesday, July 20, 2011


Cats are so funny.

How can a cat that has never had human food love ice cream? I can drink milk or anything else with cream and he leaves me alone. Let me sit down to a bowl of ice cream and I will have a companion trying to help me eat it. No, I don't let him eat out of my bowl. I will put a little on his nose which will occupy him for awhile after that he is usually satisfied. Let me tell you though, if he does not get a sample, he does not give up. He is very persistent.

This evening he was in the back part of the house. I was in the front. I scooped myself just a half cup. I did not even sit down and he was in the living room sniffing out the smell. It is crazy. Now he received a little on his nose and he is happy. I wish that little amount made me happy because I wanted more after that 1/2 cup but I was good.

It is funny how old memories pop up with something so silly. My Mom was vacuuming tonight when my cat went and hid in my room but right at the door. My late cat, Pudder, she hated the vacuum because we would powder the floor with flea spray. This was before the times of Frontline. She would refuse to touch the carpet anytime the floor was vacuumed. She would go to all extents to avoid the carpet. She would jump from the kitchen to the lounge chair then maneuver herself on all the furniture. She would then stand on the last piece and plot her next move as to touch the carpet as little as possible before entering my room. It was always so funny to watch her. She always associated the vacuum cleaner with the powder whether we used the powder or not. Memories are so much fun to remember and smile about even though it hurts when you lose the loved one whether furry or real.

Speaking of ice cream and my late cat, she loved milk and ice cream. The only thing is she did not like plain milk. It had to have sugary cereal in it before she would eat it. She was a sugar girl. By the way, she ate human food. She knew you had fried chicken from the minute you entered the front door. Beware because she would go to all extremes to get it.

Another memory of her was when I was eating a Subway sandwich in the living room. I left it to go to the bathroom. I returned and my sandwich was gone. I found the sandwich on the floor minus the cold cuts. She had pushed the sandwich over, removed the meat and taken off to the corner with all the meat. She was a character.

Life, cats, and memories.

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