Monday, February 16, 2009


I need prayer. I am down and in a rut right now. Things are crashing around me. I know God is in Control. It is hard to trust when everything you hear is negative. I have found myself of being in a situation of looking for a job. I have not had to do this in years and years. Honestly, all of my jobs but one I have been hired because I knew people on the inside. I am scared. I do not interview well. I went on many after graduating college and felt I was not hired because of my weight. I am scared.

All of this leaves me feeling down. When I am down I do not want to work-out and I want comfort food. I am trying to not turn to food. I did miss my workout tonight but am going to have to go tomorrow and watch Biggest Loser later.

Just keep me uplifted in prayer.


Mike Turnage said...

Becky, I pray that God will place his favor on you and all those around you. You are the example of faithfulness. God's blessing will be with you!

I wish that everyone can see just how great of a person you are. If there's anything that Jenn and I can do, please let us know.

Jessie said...

Lord, please be with Becky and uplift her. Help her to remember that You are in complete control of her life, even if she doesn't know where that leads. Help relieve her fears and may You replace that with Your everlasting peace. Amen.

Phil. 4:13 :)