Sunday, February 22, 2009

My mom's big mouth paid off.. this time

Those of you who do not know me in person are thinking, wow , I can not believe she said her momma has a big mouth. Those of you who do know me are probably thinking, oh my what did she say now. Here goes.... We went to Verizon because she was going to replace my phone that she lost. I am under contract and have no insurance so I would have to pay full retail and my renewal is not available until next January. Oh my we are talking a minimum of $150 and I just sent all of our old phones to Phones for Soldiers. She overheard this couple upgrading their phones and the salesman stating, wow your phones are in great condition. I wish we could resell them. BLING!!!! went my mom's mind. She said, " Can I interrupt you?" She explained the situation and the man sold us his old phone for $50 , just like my old phone but it is pink. The salesman said he could activate it for free because I am a current customer. I am happy and the customer was happy. Even though I have all the accessories, he is bringing them to my work tomorrow. The only thing I wish is that he included her pink blue tooth with it but that was asking too much. So anyone that has my cell number needs to call it so I can save your number in my contact list. By the way, I also give God the credit because we were heading to Verizon about an hour and half earlier and stopped at Big Lots, see God knew what he was doing. Had we been there earlier we would not have been there with this couple. WOW!


a corgi said...

thanking the Lord!! so great it worked out this way Becky!


Jessie said...

That blessing was made especially for you! What a great suprise.God is so good!