Monday, March 18, 2013

Would have been 50

Today was a hard day. My sister and her family came over for dinner to brighten things and face it together. Here is my facebook post.

It is the eve of your birthday. I thought I could be strong but the tears keep flowing. You would have been 50 tomorrow. I thank about what we would have done as a family to celebrate. I remember your 40th so clearly celebrating with friends at the store and all the over the hill gifts. Next month is my 40th and I wish you could be here to celebrate with me. I miss you so much Rob and think you would have been proud of me closing the store with integrity and allowing for goodbyes. It has been heart breaking not having you here to help. I love you, miss you and always will.

This is him years ago in his van I named the Scooby Mobile. I miss that smile. I miss him.


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I love that picture of your brother. I too am sending a hug to you and your family Becky.