Saturday, March 23, 2013

If the Popo had pulled me....

If the PoPo had pulled me Friday for speeding and reckless driving, they would have had a problem and a chase. Well a chase at least to my nephew's private christian school. Now that would have been on the news.

You see, I have taken the month off from subbing to concentrate on closing the business down. Only thing is I had to work three days to keep my name active in the system. So I chose three days at a 3 PM release school with a teacher that had a student teacher so it would be stress free. This meant the two days we had my nephew, I could not pick him up because he gets out at 3 PM too.

Friday morning on my break, I called the store to remind my Mom to get munchkin at 3. She was busy at the moment and could not talk. I told her best friend, who did tell her. I get out of school at 3:10 and go straight to the store and arrive at 3:18 in which I see my Mom's van. I thought hmmh, Munchkin's Daddy must have gotten off early and picked him up. I walked to the back and said Mom, do we not have Munchkin today? HUHHHH WHAT? WHAT TIME IS IT? OHHH CRAP! I forgot about him. I take off running out the store and yell for my mom to call the school.

This is when the Popo possibility starts. I drove like a bat out of well, you know where. My cousin was driving by as I was running to the car and beeped. I had to get in the car, start it, pull out and wait on traffic to pull out. I caught up with him and passed him. When I did pass him . he gave me this weird look. I was a speed demon and a lane changing jerk.I had to go past the grave sites which always has a funeral at this time of day which means the popo are near too. I kept speeding while thinking. Popo if you follow me you just going to have to catch me at the school parking lot. I am late and in a hurry.

Praise the Lord, I was in the clear today. I walked briskly to the office then down to the cafeteria where they had him in after school care. He was fine but I was afraid he would be scared and upset. This happened one other time years ago in a mix-up and he sat in the hall and cried. That would break my heart. He looked at me reluctantly like, why did you get here so fast, I was having fun. I hugged him and signed him out. Then he looked at me and said.... WHY DID YOU FORGET ME TODAY? I looked at him and said...BLAME YOUR NANNY I WAS AT SCHOOL!

I have thought long and hard about his statement of forgetting him. I am going to explain that we never forget about him that Nanny just lost track of time. How could we ever forget about him... NEVER!

So if you ever read the news about a car chase ending in a church parking lot... It just might be me because someone lost track of time.

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