Thursday, March 14, 2013


My Mom's surgery was a success. They got the cancer,so they say, and some calcified tissue around it. They biopsied her toe also because of a weird spot. She did good until she woke up. She was very emotional. We walked in and she was balling and saying... Robert is dead. Robert is dead.She had me crying and I couldnt stop the tears for about 20 minutes.I had already had a moment earlier when out of instinct, I thought ... I need to call Rob. I fought tears for awhile after that thought.

Please continue to pray. She starts radiation in a few weeks.

On a lighter note, when I get a working keyboard, I will share more memories of my brother.

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That corgi :) said...

Glad to hear this, Becky. I did say a prayer for her surgery; good to hear all went well with it. I wonder if some of the effects of the anesthesia caused her to be "weepy" though of course she does have a reason to be weepy not having all her children with her at this point in her life.