Saturday, March 23, 2013

God Nudge

This evening I stopped by the local Chinese restaurant to get some House Mei Fun. It is made with a rice noodle and  I love it from this one restaurant. As I was ordering someone came up behind me and interrupted me for his order of two egg rolls. I was mad because I was there first, whine whine whine. This man ordered two egg rolls but when he found out the price , he changed it to one because he didn't have enough money. I ordered mine and when I pulled my money out , I turned so he wouldn't see my money. I had the cash from the business in my pocket too and pulled out the wrong wad. ( Wad of money... ooh I sound rich... my wad was all ones) I stepped away and he went to the restroom. He came out and said... Hey Baby girl, how are you? I said fine but was thinking... who are you to refer to me as baby girl and secondly if you really know my age you would know this baby girl is probably older than you. I stewed for a minute. In the mean time, God SPoke... yep in the middle of my anger and sarcasm, God Spoke. He said, go up there and order that man dinner. I stood there thinking, whatever.... he probably drinks or smokes and has money for that. Did I say... God Spoke. I knew if I didn't listen this time, I would be disobedient. I went up there to where he was standing and asked him if that egg roll was his dinner tonight. He said yes it is, its all I had money for. I said let me buy you some soup and he said no. I said let me buy you chicken wings and he said ok. I then asked if he wanted french fries or fried rice and he said fried rice. He looked at me and asked why I was doing this because the egg roll was enough. I told him God told me to and I don't fight with God. He thanked me and I left. Then I was thinking does he have something to drink. I remembered I had capri-suns in my car. I went in the trunk and got two out and one Gospel of John and a Life Book that I am passing out right now. I asked the couple walking in to give it to him but by then he was walking out. I handed it to him and he asked me again why I was doing this. I told him that God told me to. He asked if he could hug me and I hugged him. He said he loved me and would be at church tomorrow. I told him where mine is but just a general area not specific. I don't think he will be at my church then it makes me wonder if he will beg if he does. I don't know why this happened and let me tell you this was very rare for me. He did not appear grungy or smelly. I don't know his life or situation. He did tell me he was homeless now. I know God told me to feed him and I did in more than one way...physical food, emotional food with the hug and spiritual food with the books. I let knowing I had blessed him and felt Iwas blessed too. He saw me drive off and stopped , stooped and waved. What impressed me in this all... he never asked for money even for the .63 cents he was short for the egg rolls. I have to trust God with his nudge that this man needed a little bit of love and encouragement tonight.... I almost didn't go to this restaurant tonight because I don't like this parking lot alone at night but God was watching and in control.

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The Brown Recluse said...

Sometimes we entertain angels unaware.

Do not forget to show hospitality to strangers, for by so doing some people have shown hospitality to angels without knowing it. Hebrews 13:2 NIV