Friday, June 29, 2012

That devil... he's a trying....

Yep... that devil, he's a trying to bring me down.... That devil.... I am determined to not let him win. Cause you see when that devil comes a knocking, it just makes me angry and more determined to defeat him. Oh, he tries and he tries and at some moments he makes me second guess things. He tries to get into that little corner of my head that is self-doubting.... BUT I WILL SUCCEED because I have God and my work is about my GOD.  So, Mr. Devil....oh you are not worthy of a sir title or caps so let me redo.... So, devil, I see you working and I am stubborn you see cause when I see you working it makes me try even harder to STOMP YOU TO THE GROUND! 

My VBS that I direct for my church is actually God's VBS. You have tried for weeks for this not to happen by letting procrastination enter the scene. Then I got over the procrastination then I heard that too many people had missed church to help in VBS, so I tried to recruit very little help because I know I can handle it because I am about God's business. We have our VBS on Sundays during sunday school and church time. You see the devil played with that too when we had it during the week , we only had 3 attendees. I suggested doing it on Sundays and it was more successful with attendance. But see attendance does not bother me because if 1 child hears about Christ then everything is worth it. You see devil, you tried again to get in my head by mocking that I wont have many kids this Sunday but I just reminded myself that even if 1 child comes, it is worth it. You may win for a few moments in my head but not permanently. I am prepared mentally for a low turn out because you see devil you managed to change the plans of two of my workers and take yet another child away for the weekend. Yes it upset me at first but once again... I am stubborn for God. VBS will go on. You even tried some conflict last week with another helper but you see we made a compromise and you were defeated, yet again.

You tried again, devil by letting me read blogs about other churches having 200-900 attendees. I know the max I may have is 8. This is where God has planted me for the time being and I will continue to teach about Christ to my 8 children for as long as God plants me there. These 8 will get a lot of needed attention.

So devil... I am telling you to be prepared not to win from me over the next 5 weeks. I will be doing God's work and nothing you do will stop me because..... I WILL CONTINUE TO STOMP YOU TO THE GROUND!

Note to my readers..... I am human and have shed some tears over this but I have a lot of my Daddy's blood in me and the stubborn streak is part of it. I wont let that devil succeed.

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