Friday, June 15, 2012

How can you deny there is a God?

How can anyone ever deny there is a God?

Just look at the beauty he created. I am blessed enough to live around water. I take it for granted some days. I did realize on a trip to visit a friend in the mid-west that I missed not being near water.

Today I crossed two bridges to get to and fro to what I needed. It was beautiful. The waters were still and clear. Oh , It was marvelous.

I was listening to "Mighty to Save" praise song on the older bridge and could not help but belt out and raise one hand to God. I had to keep the other on the wheel. It was awesome. I mean who else could create such a majestic scene. No one but God.

I have every reason to be depressed today. This is my 3rd day with no work. School is out. I have no prospective jobs , the money is running out but I know My Saviour can Move Mountains and I leave it all in his Glorious Hands.

Thank you, God for showing me there is no reason to worry.Thank you for showing me the beauty of your hand. Thank you shining your light today for me to see your beauty. May I be a light for you and Jesus to others. My life is in your hands.

Shine Your light ;Let the whole world see

We're singing For the  glory Of the risen King


You're the Savior You can move the mountains

Lord You are mighty to save  You are mighty to save

Forever  Author of Salvation

You rose ; conquered the grave

Yes You conquered the grave

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That corgi :) said...

one of my favorite songs :) He can move mountains indeed!

you did the right thing, Becky, rather than wallow in self pity you chose to praise God! He will meet your needs, I truly believe it!