Friday, June 29, 2012

Job searching....

Iam trying to look for jobs. I have sent resumes and job applications. It is easy to say.. fil out an application when you are looking for regular every day jobs. Teaching jobs and technical jobs are so different. I am sending one out tomorrow that will have 12 pages of paperwork. Really...12 pages of paperwork that include all my certifications , transcripts. job application, resume, total 24 years of work experience and now I have to write a specified cover letter. I feel like I am going in the Secret Service or something. I also feel I should send them my latest pap smear results , my blood type and my daily blood sugar levels. HAHAHA!

So if you know me and I said that I only had time to send out 3 job applications, you now know why. It is a long, timely process for me. I miss the days of just showing up , filling out 2 pages of information and leaving. Now it is almost an all day process.

ARRRGH! But once again... I will persevere.

PLease pray for me during this time.

Oh... I just realized that I am old enough to have 24 years of work experince... Oh my... I am old.

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The Brown Recluse said...

Good luck with it all, Becky!

You WILL persevere!