Friday, June 8, 2012

Hazards of my job.....

You know I have good days and I have bad days as a substitute teacher. I may have a terrible day with some kids then hear something that makes it all worth it.

Today, I walked into the school and there was a boy waiting on me. He immediately asked if I was there for his teacher and I told him that I was. He said that he was so glad that I am the only substitute he likes. I felt good. I went to a pizza parlor tonight and a child followed me in and quietly talked to me for a few minutes. I later remembered he was from a special education class I was in recently and he does not take to subs well. So it took a lot and meant a lot for him to come talk to me. I did discover that he is kind of on his own because it was 9 PM and he was out alone. He told me he lived across the highway and was heading home. It made me feel good that he sought me out.

However, this job also entails some hazards.

Serious first:  You never know when you open your paper if you may find a student's mug shot. That happened indeed on more than one occasion but one this week that involved a firearm. That leaves me thinking... was he packing when he was in my class . That thought makes me shiver because I can make some students mad in a day but I am justified. I don't tolerate crazy behavior and disrespect to me. I have one major rule... stay in your seat. Is that hard? Well to some it is and then this confrontation turns into disrespect.

Funny second: The child at the pizza parlor was at the counter ordering a drink to go at the same time I was contemplating my order. We stepped back and talked briefly. They filled his drink and he asked how much he owed and the girl said the owner said nothing. I was impressed because this restaurant never gives anything away. NEVER! I placed my order for 2 subs one was $7.95 and one was $6.95. My order came to $18.79. Our restaurant tax is 11.5 % and I calculate very well in my head and this was not computing right. I have to watch my money and doing some calculations my sub was almost $11. This restaurant has more money than I do and I questioned how much an extra ingredient was and they said $1 per half. I was flabbergasted never has it been per half for a sub. I still wasn't happy over the extra $1. Some people don't argue over a dollar but that was my dollar and I was arguing. She calculated and agreed that I was over charged. She called the owner over to reevaluate. He said... Nope it is right. You have two subs at 6.95 , one with mushrooms for $1 and a drink for $2. I did not have a drink and he said I did. I will be darned that if I had a drink it was so good that I did not remember it. He said you did not order it but that boy did. He had charged me for this child's soda. My only thought is that he should have asked me if we were together. The child was very dark skinned and I am very light skinned . The child tried to pay before I ordered so where was this confusion coming from.  I did get my money back.. This restaurant will not go broke on that $2 but the poor child walked away thinking what nice people work at the restaurant. I will have to find him Monday and tell him so he doesn't think he can get another free soda. I knew better than to think this restaurant was giving anything out for I have to be careful when I talk to my students because next time I may be charged for more than a soda.

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