Wednesday, March 28, 2012


  • PLease continue to pray for my Dad. His surgery went ok but he has experienced a setback and was moved to step-down ICU because of his blood pressure.
  • My Mom has received her half of the estate. That is done but crazy lady is already asking for the purple bag money even with all this going on with my Father.
  • Pray for me.I am exhausted with these long hours of work then nephew, and hospital.
  • Pray for my friend Jen at Noodle Nest...her son is getting married this weekend and the devil is trying to ruin her joy. Jen, HE WILL NOT WIN!
  • Pray for safe airline travels for me as I  head out to this wonderful wedding. Jen, despite your last post.... we still are not old enough for you to have a child getting married :)
  • Pray for me that Jen does not leave me stranded at the airport after that last comment. :)
  • Pray for safe road travels for Jen and the Noodle/ Effler families as they head to Nashville for the wedding.

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