Sunday, March 25, 2012


  • How come the one day I can not work because of a family situation there are 2 jobs posted for subbing at my favorite school? Go figure.
  • Please pray for my Dad as he undergoes hip replacement surgery tomorrow morning.
  • Please pray for me as they have changed my pay schedule. I received pay of 2 weeks last Friday and will not get paid again until April 13. I am having to live a month on 2 weeks salary,
  • The situation with the estate is coming to an end....2 more bills to pay but we have received 2 phone calls to beware of a particular crazy lady getting rid of the money in the trust before she has to split it.
  • Speaking of the crazy lady. She got upset when it was requested that she not come to the hospital the day of my Father's surgery because of the stress she causes. She asked my Mother if she will be there that day. My Mom replied, yes  since she is his wife. She then asked if us children will be there. My mom responded that yes we would , we are his children. She then stated that she should be there too because she is close to my Father. AHA! She is so close to him that she accused him of stealing from my grandfather and did not defend him about some awful accusations made by my grandmother who had dementia and in her right mind knows my Dad would never do what was said. Sure , she is close to him. ARRGGH!
  • Speaking of the crazy lady again and her trying to be there with us during surgery reminds me of my own surgery 4.5 years ago. My Mom was so excited to tell me that I did not have cancer and did not have to have a hysterectomy that she told the crazy lady that when I am allowed visitors that she would go alone and tell me and then she could come in. My Mom turned around and crazy lady was right behind her. She had convinced the nurse that my Mom really did want her to be with her. ARRRGGH! That is the last face I wanted to see after surgery. She lies and conceives to get her way.
  • Speaking of crazy lady again and again. Please pray for peace during hospital visits. When he was in the hospital a few weeks ago, she came to visit and started arguing with my Mom. My Mom asked her to leave and she refused. I was on the way to call for security when her husband convinced her to leave , finally. The sad thing, my sister works at this hospital and is really embarrassed when all this happens.
  • Pray for me again because the devil is trying to defeat me and he will not win. More on that later.

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The Brown Recluse said...

I hope all goes well with your dad, and I'm sure it will! How does "CL" find out when family members will be having surgery? If no one told her, she couldn't show up.

What can you do about her "getting rid" of the money before she has to split it? I thought trusts were governed by some law or something?