Friday, March 16, 2012

Coming to an end

The days of "having" to deal with the crazy lady are coming to an end. Then it will be on our terms and only on our terms.

The house was sold Thursday for $50 grand less than value. It was a catch 22, take the cash and update the house just to get the asking price... it would all even out. Sold it as is with a 50 grand discount.

Crazy lady has done some crazy things and the Alzheimer's is worse. She stopped by my Mom's business to show her the paperwork for what the final amounts are for the house. My Mom took this opportunity to tell her how much she was hurt. Crazy lady sat there with a stone cold face. Then she reminded my Mom that because of her graciousness she was left in the will. My Mom then decided to inform her that we had a paper signed by him and notarized stating everything should be split 50/50. Her response was that good thing she waited because she would have fought it in court and deemed him incompetent if she had known while he was alive. THE CLINCHER..... She says she regrets nothing that she is the oldest child and according to the Old Testament the oldest child gets everything and is in charge of everything.

I thought we live in New Testament times, so I guess she needs to change what little religion she has to being a Jew since they live in Old Testament times.

I am so tired of her antics and the devil in me has no sympathy for her Alzheimer's nor her marriage problems. I need prayer in that regards. My grandfather told my Mom for months that the crazy lady would be struck by some kind of disease but not in his lifetime. Oh, if he knew it had already started.


The Brown Recluse said...

Was she planning to split the proceeds 50/50 before she knew about the notarized document? She does sound like a class act. I'm glad you don't have to deal with her anymore.

That corgi :) said...

That is sad that your aunt continues to act like this, Becky. It is sad that she is not working together with your mom on these issues and is choosing with her behavior to drive the family apart that I know your grandparents would not have wanted to have done.

Interestingly, hubby here is the younger brother. He would have been perfectly content if his brother got more of a share of things since he was the first born and had stuck around in the area and did a lot to care for their parents in the final years. Thankfully both are on tune to share things 50/50, including his brother remembering that their dad wanted to have a new roof put on the house we are living in right now but didn't get around to it before he passed. Brother wants the new roof put on from the estate trustee account rather than it have to come out of our money.

I think it was wise to sell the house for a loss like that if it would have cost money to fix it up to get fair market value. We are in a similar situation here; not sure what we are going to do if we will sell this house or what, but it too needs things done to get it up to a price where it would get a fair askind price.

Just let it go, Becky, as hard as it is. Don't allow bitterness towards her consume you.