Friday, March 2, 2012

Pure White

Pure White...That is what I come home to most days. She seems to enjoy showing me her pure white underside. Her upper side, however, is calico. Patches of orange, grey, brown and black tabby. She is a beautiful cat that I actually rejected a few years ago because she showed up looking mighty ugly with no hair, bumps and a skeleton. See with a little love and good food can do.

I know I have shared that story before but it still amazes me to see her transformation.

Since then, she has moved into the garage at night. She thinks she owns the garage. My Mom was cleaning it yesterday and she was beside her swatting her and hissing ( she is harmless... all hiss, no action)at her because she was changing her domain. When I let her in last night she had to thoroughly walk over everything and investigate all the changes to claim her domain back. She also refuses to eat at night outside until I let her in the garage. Then she wants to eat. She is not spoiled in the least bit.

By the way, that is a big belly which I have had to control her portions because now that she stays in the garage at night, she stays in our yard in the day time and gets very little exercise. She used to walk to the neighbor's garage several times a day for naps but they blocked her out because a opossum was coming in with her.

Anybody locally want a great cat. I love her and will miss her but she really needs to be an indoor cat and my cat will not let her in regardless. She is spayed,litter trained and rabied. My indoor cat  is 9 and a little set in his ways and used to having the house to himself. He lets me know frequently that he is not happy about the garage situation by swatting at me when I come in from the garage.

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