Thursday, December 29, 2011

My personal nag....

I did not realize how much it bothered my nephew that I was in the ER on Christmas morning until yesterday.

Back up to Christmas Day.....I get to his house and immediately go lay down after leaving ER. It was requested that I try to go to the other room for our family Christmas, that lasted about 10 minutes before I had to go lay down again. He came in the room with me and was playing his new Just Dance 3 while I rested. I went home around 1 and slept all afternoon. I returned to his house for Christmas dinner around 6:30 feeling a little better. He asked if it was ok if he could sit by me on the couch. I told him I was not sick sick but was sick on the insides. He came and sat with me until dinner.

After dinner, he came in the kitchen and took the last Pepsi. I was joking with him that I was going to drink that. He went in the next room and brought me another one. I told him that was sweet but Aunt Becky was just teasing him and because of my tummy right now that I can not have Pepsi, just water and non-carbonated drinks. Little did I know that this information was stored in his little brain and would come back to bite me three days later.

We went to Putt-Putt and Arcade yesterday. He and I had not had lunch so I ordered us some lunch and sodas. Oh no, I asked for a Pepsi. He sat there having a literal hissy fit that I ordered a Pepsi and I was not supposed to drink Pepsi. I did try to get a non-carbonated drink but they only had Gatorade. He kept getting louder and louder and more persistent. Then he said, " Aunt Becky, you remember you had to go to the hospital on Christmas Day because of problems with your tummy. You told me you cant have Pepsi and you are not going to have one now." That statement showed that it must have really effected him by me missing Christmas and being in the ER. So, to his much persistence, I changed my order to water. He was happy.

Wow is all I could say on how persistent the little booger was.

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The Brown Recluse said...

He loves you a lot, doesn't he? lol Precious.