Sunday, December 4, 2011

When things were quiet...

Things have been quiet..... then she struck again.

The crazy woman just called here in tears. My Mom asked her why was she in tears yet again.  Her response was you have Daddy's money and I am the executor and I have to have it. The money in question is the wallet that my grandfather gave my Mother with the instructions to keep it until which time the estate is settled. If she does what is right then my Mother is to split it, if she does not do what was right then my Mother was to keep it. My Mother informed her that it was a gift with specific instructions and until the time comes she is the one who will keep the instructions and the wallet. Then her husband got on the phone stating he was calling the lawyer to make my Mother legally turn over the money because they have a signed letter that she was given the purple bag. Well the purple bag does not contain the money. The purple bag , he removed the money from and put in his wallet and then gave the wallet to my mother as a gift with strings attached.

Several people have told us to watch out for her husband because they think he is shady and after the money... him getting on the phone today has proven that right. This is not his business.

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The Brown Recluse said... better watch that man. He sounds like a doozy. I'm sure they are not going to give up easily on the wallet. I hope your mom stands her ground.