Friday, December 16, 2011


I have been battling bronchitis for the past few weeks and have been exhausted because of lack of sleep because of coughing. I thought I was getting over it and really wanted a milkshake. I ordered a small one. BIG MISTAKE. Chocolate plus sugar plus milk product when having bronchitis equal coughing ALL NIGHT. Lesson learned.

I also have had the munchies. I opened the refrigerator about 50 times to the same nothingness.I thought  that if I kept opening it that the refrigerator light bulb man would run to the grocery store and put some better food in it. IT DIDN'T HAPPEN. Bad refrigerator light man.

Well that is it for me for the moment. I had something else to post but I forgot what it was .I think I left it in the refrigerator with the little light bulb man. Maybe if I go open it one more time the light will come on and I will remember what I was going to post about. HAHA!

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