Sunday, January 8, 2012

I am still alive

Wow! I did not realize I had not posted in 10 days. I have been meaning to do it for several nights but then get busy and don't. Also my new keyboard's space key is not very good. I have to press hard to get it to work or spend lots of time correcting what I typed.

I joined a challenge on that challenges me do some kind of physical activity every day for 10 minutes in the month of January. I am proud to announce this is day 6. I also have been to the Y , three times since Tuesday. On the days I have to force myself to get up and do something, I choose to walk or dance in front of the television for those 10 minutes. Most of these times I have kept going for longer than 10 minutes. Go Me!

Today I went to the Y for family day in the pool. I tried to swim some laps but had to stop because my swimsuit was falling off. I have a two piece, no not a bikini, and the two piece is getting a wee bit big. So every time I swam the pants would fall off. I was so proud of myself for trying but have to find my old one-piece before I try that again.

I had a blonde moment this evening. I have to check a website to look for schools for me to substitute at on any given day. Well I called the # this afternoon instead of doing it online. I accepted a job at my least favorite middle school. I thought it was a two day job for Wednesday and Thursday. I kept refreshing the page this evening looking for a job for tomorrow. I kept getting " No Jobs Available at this time." I was getting frustrated. I went back to look at my future jobs and noticed that job was for tomorrow not Wednesday. I was getting stressed for nothing. Now I just need positions for Wednesday through Friday.

Well, that is it for me at the moment. My bed is calling me.

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