Sunday, August 28, 2011

We survived

Well, we survived Hurricane Irene. I discovered that the houses in the neighborhood I live in were built to last. If I was in the living room, I could hear very little of the wind. I kept looking out at our cedar tree in our yard thinking that it wasn't moving much. I forgot this cedar tree is solid. It is our neighborhood landmark. It barely moved so I was fooled. The few times I ventured into the side rooms, oh boy was the wind whipping. We lost a small limb at the beginning of the storm and during that storm that limb went all over our yard.

I kept my car around the corner at the DMV because it is higher ground and should we need to leave for an emergency with my Dad we could get out by walking and sloshing through water. Our street only flooded halfway the first half, my house is halfway, unfortunately. The second half it flooded all the way but never up to our houses, Praise the Lord.

As for others, they were not so lucky. Early in the day a tree fell on an apartment complex less than a mile from my house. The Mother was able to escape but her 11 year old son did not escape and perished. Heartbreaking. Please pray for this Mother. They had just moved to this apartment on Tuesday, so you can imagine she is rethinking her decisions of moving there right now.

As for others in my family, my grandfather, brother, and sister all lost power. Long story and drama later about my grandfather, the hurricane, the aide and my Mom's sister. My Brother's property was the worst hurt this morning in the family when a gigantic tree landed on his detached garage. Praise the Lord it was the garage and not the house.

Tomorrow , I have received the message that our church will be used as a sleeping shelter for disaster relief workers and I am on that committee so I may be busy manning the church during the next few days.

Below is a picture of my brother's former garage. Smashed to smithereens.

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The Brown Recluse said...

garages can be rebuilt! Glad you're safe.