Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Prayers Needed

The psycho sister is back in town and with a vengeance. My Mom went up to the nursing home to help show her how to feed my grandfather the proper way so that he wont choke and aspirate. She refused to listen. Even at one point started yelling at my Mom for no reason and shoved my Mother. Yes she shoved my mother. My Mother called the nurses in so that she would have witnesses of her trying to explain. The psycho woman kept talking and over talking my Mother even making fun of the food they were feeding him. All of that the nurses witnessed but not the shoving. I am so mad right now that if I was not in charge of my nephew today I would be up there giving that woman a piece of my mind right now. It is useless though, she is that crazy. Finally the nurses told her you have tried, walk away and my Mom did. The nurses then proceeded to inform her sister that she was in the wrong and they would not explain anything to her because she had refused to listen. She then walked over to my sleeping grandfather, sat beside him and said "Poor Daddy, I see all the stress you have been under all week." STRESS... He had no stress until she returned. He is due to come out of the nursing home Friday , this date has been pushed up since she came back. SHe still thinks he is ok at home by himself. He is so weak he cant situp by himself. This woman is PSYCHO and can not see that he is dying or sees it and is denying it.

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The Brown Recluse said...

Sounds like she needs to be watched.