Thursday, August 11, 2011

Not going well...

My eating has not done well this week at all because of disappointment and stress.

Stress: My grandfather is going downhill fast. I am ok with him going to heaven. He has lived for a long 97 years. The stress is the things his daughter does to hurt my Mom. It never ends. My grandfather is being put in a nursing home for 21 days. I don't think he will be here for the full 21 days. His esophagus is pretty much closed. He was born with an irregular esophagus and now it is closing. He cant eat without choking which in turn causes him to aspirate which in turn causes pneumonia. He has had no food since Sunday night. The hospital will not feed him because of the risk of him choking. He has refused a peg feeding tube. He decided this long ago. So now we just sit and wait for the end. Right now he is still perked up because if IV's but that will soon slow down. Last night though he did start talking out of his mind. He insisted it was raining and it wasn't. Then this morning my Mom's sister went to see him and he asked her how she knew where he was. So the end is coming. Please pray for peace. Oh, by the way, my Mom's sister is due to start vacation tomorrow and she is still going despite the circumstances. Does this surprise you? Remember last year when both grandparents were in the hospital, she never came home from that vacation. Yet , she is the one in charge. Make sense.

Disappointment: I was really psyched about a potential part time job teaching. I thought I did great on the interview. They even called me and asked for a copy of my license and references. Then Tuesday, I received my "thanks but no thanks"letter. I sulked for awhile then put my big girl panties on and moved forward looking for last minute job openings. Please pray!


The Brown Recluse said...

I'm sorry about your grandfather and all the drama surrounding him. I'll be praying for you and your family during this time, and also that you get the perfect job. Hang in there, Becky.

That corgi :) said...

I am sorry about your grandfather, Becky. I do hope it is peaceful. Is he on morphine? sometimes that makes older people be a bit confused. He did live a long life, but I know he will be missed.

like Meg said, hang in there Becky!