Monday, August 29, 2011

Death Angel Thoughts

I have never really thought about whether there is or is not a death angel.

My grandmother in her final weeks would see a man from time to time either over her bed or just in a room. She described him as being a bald man, that was it. She saw him and a little boy all the time.

I do know she had dementia and could hallucinate.

The last two days my grandfather has seen a man standing over his bed or sitting in a chair in his room. He has seen kids but not just one boy. Today he asked my Mom why this man was sitting in the gold chair in the living room and wanted to know who he was. My Mom just looked and was speechless. Later , she had left the room and when she returned he asked her where the man went that was just there. She did get a little spooked because it is just her and him there. He told her that the man took his hand to take him somewhere and my grandfather refused to go.

I do know he has been confused with his power being out for 2 days.

My Mom's sister just called to tell us that he asked her to tell the man in the gold chair to leave that he had been there all day and he was tired of looking at him just sitting in his living room. I am getting spooky chills typing this. At this point , his power and lights had been restored for several hours.

Is there a death angel? I am beginning to wonder.


That corgi :) said...

I don't know about a death angel, Becky. I do know the night before my mom died (she was sick in the hospital with pneumonia and the doctors knew she would not get better so it wasn't unexpected, she was 85), my sister was visiting her and she said my mom's eyes were clearer than they had been up until that point in her hospitalization (for weeks for that matter) and that she seemed to be looking beyond my sister/family and she seemed to be at peace about it. I had another friend whose dad had a similar experience shortly before he died. My SIL's mom died of a massive stroke she sustained after a church service; people around her said she had a very peaceful happy smile on her face and seemed to be looking beyond things.

But what do I know? Just reporting my experiences. Pray for a peaceful passing for your grandfather, no matter when it happens.


BlueRidge Boomer said...

My Grandpa kept telling us that Mama...his name for Granny...was waiting at the bedroom door for him and he needed to go, after he said "goodbye" to the family...

The Brown Recluse said...

I believe angels do come and escort us Home...but I wouldn't call them "death" angels. No, more like Life Angels....