Monday, September 6, 2010

What a Day!

This was supposed to be a fun family day at my grandfather's house. Kind of bittersweet because it just may have been our last get together in this house since it is on the market. How long it will be on the market , we don't know. It has been three weeks and there have been a lot of inquiries and about five to six showings. So far nobody likes the price. They don't understand that it is 2-3 acres of land backed up to state property which is preserved because it is part of the historical Yorktown battlefields. No one can build behind them. They are right in front of an awesome elementary school. At the end of the block is the best high school in the area and within a mile is the best middle school in the area also. My grandfather will hold out, he is stubborn.

OK, onto my Labor day festivities. My mom spent the morning cleaning the back porch and I ate my lunch out there alone. Everyone complained it was too hot. It was 84 and around here that is fall. We had steaks. I decided to enjoy my steak before my potato and salad. I sat on the porch and thoroughly enjoyed my rib eye that was cooked to perfection by my brother. Later I did have my potato, salad and grilled corn.

I decided to take my nephew across the street to the school park. We were not there 10 minutes when he told me we had to go back to go to the bathroom. So we headed back. He went to the bathroom and I went to the back porch. Despite being 7, he is a man and I know will take his time in the facility.

In the mean time, my mom comes out on the porch on her way to the trash. She asks me about some things they are getting rid of while trying to clean the house out. Then she opened the door and went to the trash. I hear her fussing about something that was thrown away but then see her coming back. She came up the steps, had the door open and lost her balance. She tried to catch herself but failed. She fell backwards down the last two steps straight on her butt, back and head. I ran down to her but no one else knew anything. The neighbor did not see it take place but he saw me helping her and jumped the fence to help. In the mean time I had ran to the kitchen window pounding for someone to come help. Between me and my brother in law we got her onto the back porch.

Well at this point, I think something is wrong but my sister, the RN, keeps telling me she is ok. She could not tell us what year it was nor did she remember what happened. She kept asking me every few minutes, " What happened? Why do I hurt?" At my insistence we went to the ER. They ran test to rule out the heart. I knew it wasn't that, I saw her lose her balance. They did a CT and x-rays. Praise the Lord, no broken bones but she does have a slight concussion. On the way to the ER, I think she asked 20 times what happened.

I brought her home by myself because my Father is at my grandfather's house taking care of him at night. You see even with the emergency today, my mom's sister still could not take the time to take care of him. After all it is her father, not my father's father. So I get her up the steps but she gets weak. I am standing at the front of the house holding up dead weight trying to get her to a seat. The Grace of God pushed us to the chair. Later she musters enough energy to get to the bed and rests while I wait on her prescriptions.

I came home and sat on the side of her bed and bam the boards under the bed came loose. What else could happen. I had to stand her and put her in a chair while I lifted the mattress and springs up to fix the board. I hate her bed. Then I had to get her situated in her bed again. It is now 11:35 and I just ate dinner.

It is not a laughing matter but it is a little funny to see her butt. One side has her skinny butt she inherited from her father but the other side looks like a giant softball is attached to it.

Now I have been in such a frenzy with taking care of her that I do not even remember if I took my BP meds.

What a Labor Day! I am off to bed because if she has to get up for any reason I have to get up too. Please uplift her in prayer as you heals. She is in a lot of pain.

As I look back on the day , I see that God brought me back from that park in perfect timing because if I was not on the porch it would have been awhile before anyone saw her on the ground and no one would have known what happened.


That corgi :) said...

oh Becky, your poor mom. I'll keep her healing in my prayers. I am so thankful you were there at the "right" time. hoping she feels a bit better today


Marcia said...

I always say, Everything happens for a reason. I hope she is feeling better today, and I will say a little prayer for her. You are a sweet daughter for helping take care of your folks.

Marcia said...

I was just wondering how your Mother was doing?