Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Kids write the craziest things....

The last two days I have been subbing for a special education teacher. Today's special education is not like the special education I grew up with. These are kids that may be a little slower or have ADD, ADHD, etc but the are in regular classes. I traveled to various classes during various times to assist kids either during math or language arts.

Yesterday I had a child that I was told struggles with reading and writing. They had a prompt to write about something that has made them happy. This boy needed no help getting started. I came back around to see his progress on what was supposed to be one paragraph with 10 sentences. He had written about 25 sentences in paragraph form about a trip to see the Philadelphia Eagles. He knew everything about that game. I was flabbergasted.Today, although, I found out he is a NFL fanatic. He had to write about a time he shared something with someone. He wrote about the time he went to see the Cleveland Browns play. He stretched his assignment and told me by going to the game that he shared his "TIME" with the Cleveland Browns. I just had to chuckle.

There was another girl today on the same assignment. She was writing about sharing her pencil with someone in class last year. The only problem was she did not write the word "pencil". I could tell she was trying to sound it out but she didn't write what was she was sounding out. The word she wrote was...... PENISL. Needless to say I had to look at it and put it in context and not laugh in the process. I then had her erase it and made her sound it out again with me guiding her. I didn't have the heart to tell her that she did not have that particular object to share with anyone and even if she had it, she should not share it until after marriage.

This next one happened at home. I came home and my nephew was showing me his homework. His spelling word was TAP and he had to use it in a sentence. He is a good thinker. He meant to write "I tapped my friend." What he wrote was " I tapth my frend." Ohh, spelling is my pet peeve so it is so hard for me not to correct all his spelling. Bless his heart , he is just sounding it out and writing what he hears. You have to love him.

I really enjoyed the last two days besides the time schedule. This school goes until almost 4 Pm and my nephew gets out at 2 Pm and this was the two days we had him. He was miserable waiting for me to get home. One of the little boys told me he saw me drive off yesterday and knows I drive a red car then he said he watched me from the bus because he liked me as his teacher. I walked another student to his bus. He told me to tell his teacher that he promises he will be better tomorrow. He saw me today at the end of the day and told me he had stayed on green all day. Green is "ready to learn" and it is a good day. I gave him a high five . He just grinned from ear to ear

I love rewarding days like today.

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That corgi :) said...

sounds like a good class to sub in Becky, not like some of the classes you had at the end of last year for sure. too cute reading the writings of the kids; I would have had a silent chuckle with the pencil fiasco.