Sunday, July 4, 2010

I love my church kids

I have posted so much about my family drama that I wanted to tell you that I LOVE MY CHURCH KIDS!

I love the first Sunday of the month because that is the Sunday that the bigger kids stay upstairs for communion and I am solely in charge of the younger ones during church.

I have already taught most of them Sunday School in the formal setting but in children's church time I am a little more relaxed and fun.

Usually we go up to big service for the worship part of church and come down for preaching but today the schedule was off balance and they would have had to sit through a long prayer time and communion time. I know their limits. I know their limits on the 4th of July too.

Today we pulled out our movement DVD of Kingdom of the Son. They love it. I let them hop, dance, conga line, everything in praise. I mean they love it.

I used this time to get their craft started. I then brought them over for their craft time which was a patriotic streamer activity. I turned the DVD back on and played the ones they requested while waving their banners. It was awesome.

We had a Popsicle snack time. We don't usually have snack time during children's church but it was a holiday and I like to bend the rules.

A deacon brought me communion . I stopped and explained communion to them. I then prayed and partook of it myself. They were very eager to learn why I can take communion and we talked about salvation.

We then colored a patriotic picture of the lion and the lamb. I explained that to them too. Our Sunday School lesson was on the lion's den so it was a perfect blend.

Then we played a marble game I found online based on David and Goliath. They get so excited over this simple marble game. Plus we covered this story last week.

We prayed.

We listened to more of their DVD and did the movements until the grandparents came... yep all my kids are brought by their grandparents or by nephew whose parents to come sometimes.

It was a great Sunday at church... Not all Sundays are, I work with another worker who is a stickler for rules and very hard on the kids. One of these days, I am going to blurt out.... JUST CHILL!


That corgi :) said...

your gift definitely is teaching Becky! I could feel your enthusiasm and your love for your church kids in reading your post about what you guys did today. Sounds like it was an awesome time of learning and fellowship with them!


The Brown Recluse said...

I remember all of my Sunday School teachers...none of them were like you. Sooner than later you should tell the other chick "JUST CHILL." Seriously.
You method is BY FAR the best! You should get the other worker fired!!! lol (almost kidding)