Monday, July 12, 2010

Does it count as a goal?

I blogged about my goal of doing something I have procrastinated each day. Well I left out that I would do this on the days I was not in charge of my nephew. Today was one of those days. We have him from 7 am-5 pm, when we have him. He left at 5:15 and came back at 8:30, he wanted to spend the night.

After he left at 5:15, I cooked dinner. Then I was going to mow the weeds. Only the weeds need cutting, not the lawn. Let's be truthful, we don't have a lawn, just weeds. I call it my weed garden. We have had very little rain here lately. It has threatened and spit a little but no rain. The ground is dry,what grass there was is now brown and crunches when you walk. But the weeds, oh the dandelion weeds they are growing strong with a vengeance.

That was my goal, to either cut them, spray them or pull them. We decided to pull them. We pulled and pulled and pulled and pulled. Do you think we finished? No, that was only half the yard. I already have a blister on one of my fingers too.

So my question is... Does this count towards my goal? It happened on a day I said I would not try to accomplish it plus it is only half finished. Although on the other side, it was a task I had procrastinated, it is half done which means I am ahead of my goals, maybe I should count it.

Any thoughts?


That corgi :) said...

in my opinion it counted towards your goal because you set out to do something that needed to be done and just didn't "waste away the day"


The Brown Recluse said...

yeah...why do those weeds grow in adverse conditions like that?

It counts...sure it counts, you did it, didn't ya?

My word verification is "dubba" lol