Friday, March 5, 2010


My days are so long right now. I think of things to blog about when I have no access to a computer. At night when I have computer time I am so tired I forget what I intended to blog about.

I am substituting every day that the weather permits. Had another snow day this week. After school I take a 50minute drive to Smithfield and back. I babysit a nice little boy until Grammy gets off work at 9 PM. This will only last another 2.5 weeks because mommy is coming back from her overseas duty and will take him with her back to another state. I will miss that little booger. My nephew will miss him too. They have been best friends since July.

While traveling to this town everyday I have learned the smells of the packing plant. I will not name it but it is famous for its ham. Let me tell you it does not smell good when they are processing it. Quite nasty. Two days in a row it has been the same smell and I am personally rethinking my liking of ham.

I sent a text to Grammy today that said.... "You must have become immune to this smell in Piggiefield. Woowee it is bad." She replies.."No , I have not but you try living here."

It is a wonder anyone there in this town actually eats the ham after smelling that all the time. Blahhh!

I will miss that little kid but I must say I will not miss the smell coming from the plant when I drive over there and wait on his bus. Give me the good old non-smelly shipyard any day.

One day we were picking him up from his school and I went right through the area that the plant is located. It was my first time to smell such a thing. My nephew held his nose and asked.."What the heck are you eating up there?" I was not eating anything and don't know why he thought anyone would be eating anything that smelled like that.

If I had to smell that everyday , I think I would go vegetarian.

After I finished this post , it dawned on me that I had an interview at this facility years ago for an account manager. I look back now and am thankful I did not accept that job. Woowee! God works in mysterious ways.

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The Brown Recluse said...

Your Grammy can text? My mom can't even figure out the cell phone!

I laughed out loud about the boy asking you what you were eating... that's funny