Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Quick one

Tonight for "Kids Ark" at church we dyed eggs. You might be thinking, well so , I do that every year. Well we did it the old fashioned way with food color, vinegar and water. We only had three colors to use for the dye and I let the kids just go to town with choosing their colors while I handled the food color. I also used brown eggs instead of white, it is all I had at home. Let me tell you, these kids had a blast. I only gave them one egg to dye a piece but they had so much fun you would have thought I gave them all a dozen. I put some paper towels down so clean up was a blast. No their eggs were not as pretty as using white eggs but they were so neat looking because of the speckles on the brown eggs. Who knew something so simple could be so fun.

As for the religious aspect of the eggs. Well I found this devotional on a hardened heart that uses a boiled egg and uncooked egg. It was for ages 6-12 and my group was ages 4-10. I just made sure the youngest was right beside me. Long concept short... When you spin the eggs the hard-boiled egg spins and spins almost out of control. The uncooked egg will barely spin. Moral... don't let your heart be hardened by being mad, mean or telling lies because then the devil will take control and spin and spin and spin always in the wrong direction. More lies, more meanness. The un-cooked egg is still pure and can not spin much and will always stay on the right track with God. Here is the link:

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