Wednesday, March 17, 2010

I could have told you that...

Well, I have $90 less in my pocket today because I had to go to the doctor just for him to tell me what I could have told him. I have bronchitis.

He gave me two prescriptions that took another $50 out of my pocketbook.

Can you tell I have no health insurance?

So $140 for a good night's rest is worth it to me after three sleepless nights of coughing all night. Not that I had the extra $140, its just one bill that wont get paid this month.

I still wanted to look at the doctor and say for $140 .... I could have told you that.


The Brown Recluse said...'s hardly fair. Feel better soon!!

That corgi :) said...

I'm so sorry; it is indeed not fair at all. That is a lot of money to shell out because you and me both know the doctor didn't spend that much time with you to diagnose you.

One of our grocery stores here is giving out free antibiotics (with a prescription from a doctor) for generic antibiotics; I think that is a nice touch, don't you?

hope you feel better soon

(I know what you mean about your grandparents with the quality of their life; my hubby's parents are very close to that. I prayed for a peaceful death for my mom and indeed God (thank you Lord) answered my prayer)


Jenn said...

I am SO sorry. Hope you are feeling better. Crazy weather we are having!! Feel Better soon!!

Theresa said...

It is a shame that it costs that much. I seems like robbery really. I agree that it didn't cost the Dr that much to see you for a few mins and to listen to your lungs! ugh. I hope you feel better soon. :9(