Sunday, April 20, 2014

Spiritual High!!!

Yep, it is one of those Sundays that I am on a spiritual high. 

This is one of the first times in my life that I know where I am at this moment is in God's Will. 

I struggle every Sunday with how small our church is becoming. I know most Sundays that I am there for the few children who faithfully attend. We have been working on a creative movement song for a few months and we presented it today. They children did wonderful. I was so happy. I ran into a church member at Cracker Barrel who said that it sent chills down his spine at their presentation. I wish I could share but I don't know how to transfer from facebook to here. I am not tech savvy. 

Another situation has occurred in a long term position I am working until the end of the school year. One day in the work room, a conversation occurred with a fellow co-worker about my brother. I don't know how the conversation occurred except through God. He did not know my brother but we were in the same industry at the same time and had seen each other and done business together yet did not know each other at all years ago. We talked for a long time. I saw him a few days later and told him he had depressed me because I wanted to tell my brother all about our conversation yet I could not. He said he went home and shared everything with his wife and told me he knew our conversation was of God. The reason being , he had not stepped into church in 12 or more years. He knew God had put me into his path to work on getting back into church. A few more coincidences happened involving another coworker who ended up inviting him to Easter service at her church. I don't know if he went but I pray he went somewhere today and that it is the beginning of him renewing his life for Christ. 

I am also working with a student who could lead a life of real trouble. I have some inside information on him that should have me scared but I am not. Since this child found out I am a Christian, he says no profanity around me, he doesn't talk about getting high or smoking pot around me. I pray for him daily, he does not know that though. I really know I have been placed in his path to make a difference. I cant share my faith but I can take an interest in what he is doing and taking my time to help him improve his work. I know this is where God wants me right now. 

On to another note, it has been a depressing day. I know it is Resurrection Day and I should be so happy. My brother always cooked Easter breakfast at our church. It is hard to go to Easter breakfast and for him not to be the one in the kitchen doing what he did best. It is also hard to walk in the Fellowship hall to these spring flower arrangements.....That we donated after his wedding reception. My brother is all over that church. Most Sundays I am ok but then Easter Sunday hurts. BUT I have hope in Christ, who died and rose again for me and my sins and you and your sins. All you have to do is accept him as your Savior and you can live in Heaven with Christ. I know that is where my brother is, I know he loved Jesus. I know I will see him again but sometimes humanness smacks me in the face. I can have a spiritual high and  a human low at the same time. 

I was also depressed because this is the first major holiday that we did not have any kind of family gathering because my sister had to work. Life is hard sometimes. I did not realize things would change so drastically when my brother died, but they have. I went to Easter breakfast and church then Mom and I went to a movie, dropped off Easter for my nephew , then went to Cracker Barrel. We made the best of it. 

Speaking of Heaven and movies.... I think you know where this is going.....HEAVEN IS FOR REAL....It is . I cried and I smiled. My honest opinion is it was great. My other honest opinion.....They missed the ball on the salvation message that they had such an opportunity to reach so many people. They talked about Jesus, they talked about Heaven but they never truly told you how to get to Heaven.There is only one way....FAITH IN JESUS CHRIST...Accepting him as your Savior...plain and simple. They went all around it....don't be shy....put it out there. My third honest was a movie about Heaven and that it truly was. It was not about Hell or Salvation but about Heaven but I still think they blew a huge opportunity to present the Gospel....Of course, only my opinion.

Ok, I am done.......Don't forget.....GOD IS NOT DEAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!


betty said...

I am glad to see how God is working in your life and bringing situations into it that you know are only directed by him. I am sorry that this Easter didn't include a family celebration; sometimes it is hard to adjust with people's schedules, etc. I have to agree with you about the movie; if they had the opportunity to share the gospel message, they should have. That's why I wasn't real enamored with the book "90 minutes in heaven". He talked about heaven and alluded to Jesus, but he never really said he saw Jesus. I don't know about you, but Jesus is heaven. If he's not there, its not heaven in my opinion.

And you are right; God is not dead. He is risen!


The Brown Recluse said...

It's good to see you feeling encouraged! I think you'll find that through all the pain, you've grasped on to Him, and will find a deeper walk because of it.

One other thing...if the opportunity presents itself with any of these young folks, you tell them that Jesus loves them. You let them know that just how they are, Jesus loves them.