Monday, April 21, 2014

Easter Update

I posted last night about the lack of a family gathering on Easter. 

We had decided to have a Easter dinner Monday evening at my sister's house BUT my nephew had a last minute ball practice so that was put off. I had text my cousin on Friday to tell him our plans for Monday. His response was...Thanks for the information. I was like alright , I take that as a I am not coming. 

My Mom decided to go ahead and cook and take a plate to me sister and her family but my sister decided we could come and eat with just us and her hubby and son could join us later. I am collecting the final things for dinner when my cousin text...Is dinner still on? I said... Yeah! He responded...Stephen (his brother) may be coming. I was like great but knew we didn't have enough ham or potatoes. So I grabbed our frozen meatballs out of the freezer and threw some gravy in a pan. I also nuked three potatoes with butter and added them to the scalloped potatoes. We had roasted one head of cauliflower and had 6 ears of corn cut in half already. My sister had cabbage from Friday they didn't finish. I reheated that , added the potatoes to the scalloped ones and heated the meatballs while the boys drove a mile away to visit my Dad.  We had a feast of sliced ham, scalloped ( and nuked) potatoes, deviled eggs, fresh corn on the cob, cabbage, meatballs, roasted cauliflower, bread and brownies. 

See how God turned my depression around. It really made my night that my cousins decided to join us. I miss my family. I was really surprised by Stephen because he lives 40 minutes away and works 40-45 minutes away. By the time he gets off work, it is usually too far for him to travel but today, miraculously, he got off at 1:30.

Tonight was such a blessing and a treat. Thank You, Lord. 

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betty said...

Love when it works out like this; glad it helped you with lifting up a bit of your depression; good times with family always can do that!