Sunday, September 25, 2011

Trying to do better

I have been trying to do better with eating and exercising. I am working more veggies into my diet. If you remember, last year I struggled big time with my lunches. I have been packing a salad every day . A good salad. I like beets, onions, cukes, peppers and chick peas in my salad. I make a fresh one every night.

To make it easier to eat healthy and not make getting lunches ready such a chore, I have created a shortcut. I took one of our larger mixing bowls and I store all of my salad ingredients for my salads in that bowl. SO every night when I go to pack lunch. I just have to pull that one bowl out and everything is all together. I only have to slice things. This has been so much easier than looking for all of the individual items all over the refrigerator. I know I could cut down more time by pre-cutting all the veggies but they get limp so fast that way.

The funny thing is when I am enjoying my lunch in the teacher's lounge, all the other teachers are envious.

My other big secret is pickles. I have been eating a lot of pickles, Claussen to be exact. I get the crisp and the salt of snack foods with none of the fat.

Anyone have other suggestions that they would like to share that may help me?


That corgi :) said...

Seems like you got a good start with the salad, Becky! They are always so good and refreshing!


Marcia said...

Try something called Salad Toppings, Found next to salad dressings. I cant eat salad with out them now. I also, prep my salads for 2 days. I never put the lettuce in, But the veggies. You should also try some progresso soups, becuase they are low in calories. And I love those steamed veggies for one at lunch time, that always helps me get in the veggies i need. GOOD LUCK, and Its good to see your still working at it. Your an inspiration

The Brown Recluse said...

Salad is a good start...think I'll have one for lunch, too. What dressing are you using?

I hate pickles. lol