Sunday, September 11, 2011


Had some things I wanted to blog but decided instead to leave in silence on this particular day. WE had silence during church today and I sat and prayed for all of my kids in church that they will never have to face a day like 9/11/01. That they would never have to go to war or be hurt due to such an awful act of terrorism. I pray that I will never have to face a day like that again. I have been on the verge of tears all day just thinking and reflecting.

I will end in...... SILENCE.


The Brown Recluse said...


That corgi :) said...

but in your silence, don't ever forget about the hope of Jesus and that this world is not all there is and one day it will be restored to how it should have been before the fall and in your silence rejoice that there is Jesus!

but I know what you mean (see I can't be silent). I wasn't going to blog today, but when I put some thoughts down on paper this morning before reading my Bible, I decided to share them.

Pray that people will come to know Jesus and then we will have his peace and then there won't be these sensless acts of evil for anyone to endure or remember