Saturday, September 10, 2011

Found it...

I prayed all night that the Lord would lead me to my wallet. I went out this morning and looked all over the ground. No luck. I started back in the car. No luck. I did find my work badge that I lost last year about this time. I started to get out of the car when I glanced at the crack between my seat , the door and the backseat floor. There it was.

UPDATE on my sister. My sister had a huge, I mean huge abscess bothering her last week. She went to the doctor on Friday who referred her to a surgeon the same day. He said she only needed an antibiotic. She went into the ER Monday because of the pain and was admitted. They drained it and it was highly infected. At one point she was isolated because they said it was MRSA. It was not, Praise the Lord. It was another form of a bad infection. Because of the infection she has been in the hospital since Monday and was projected to get out again on Monday. I think things have changed again. Thursday she had a machine and sponge installed to help drain the infection. Yesterday the infection doctor removed it. Today I just received a call that the weekend doctor does not like how it looks and is taking her back to the OR this morning to work on it some more. Please pray for her. She knows she will be out of work at least six weeks. This also has been embarrassing to her because she works at this hospital.


That corgi :) said...

thank God you find your wallet, Becky! I knew he would lead you to it!

Will continue to pray for your sister; who knows, she could have gotten that infection because she worked at a hospital! I know there are reports I type that people pick up pneumonia from hospitals or other healthcare facilities.


The Brown Recluse said...

So happy you found the wallet! Relief!

Your sister...poor thing! She's in good hands, I know. I pray she's feeling better/healing soon!