Thursday, June 3, 2010

Today I was at my Alma Mater. I heard there was a car being searched in the parking lot. Knowing these kids and the zoning , drugs immediately came to mind. Nope it was a concealed gun in a locked car trunk. There were different articles stating different things about how this was discovered. My favorite.... K-9 dog finds unauthorized car in WHS parking lot. K-9 dog finds gun in backpack in locked trunk. WOW! What a K-9. It can find unauthorized vehicles in the teachers lot. How can a dog find an unauthorized car? Do unauthorized cars have a scent? This K-9 can also get into locked cars and then open backpacks too, what a dog.

The truth about the K-9. Today was a day that security and the police do a narcotics search. They send the dog in the lot to smell for narcotics. Well, guess what? This car had the scent of some narcotics which lead them to the car for the police to search it and go into everything to find the concealed gun while looking for narcotics. It is then they discovered that the car did not have teacher's decals and was unauthorized for this lot. Great work to the K-9 but don't give it human capabilities. I know k-9's are good but I don't think they are good enough to know a car does not have the authorized decal to be in a teacher's lot. That had to be done by a human.

Great job to the K-9 because his great nose found a no-no on public school property. It may have stopped a potential situation. As for the press and the reporter... please proof read and really think about what you are reporting about. This K-9 was awesome but not capable of human capabilities. If so , promote that K-9 to Homeland Security.

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BlueRidge Boomer said...

Great Post.....the K-9 cops are pretty awesome.....when i worked at the alternative school...we had two in-house K-9 cops with a handler....a gun dog and a drug dog!! Sweet babies...when they weren't working.....