Saturday, June 19, 2010

A little of this and a little of that...

I CLEANED MY CAR OUT TODAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
That is a big accomplishment for me. It is not vacuumed but all the junk and trash that has accumulated between myself , my 7 year old nephew and his buddy has been trashed, YAYYY!
I found two pairs of my shoes in there too.

I made a lazy dinner tonight that ended up being pretty delicious. I mentioned earlier in my post today that I had made part of dinner. Well the house was hot so I decided to use the crock pot and not the stove and oven for dinner. I took two packages of pepper stir fry mix from Save-A-Lot, you know I am the Save-A-Lot queen. Basically it is just frozen cut peppers and onions. I chopped two packages of kielbasa and put all this in the crock pot with a little garlic on low for six hours, four would have been fine. About two hours before this was done, I was concerned about what to serve with it. We have had pasta and rice out the ying-yang lately. I was just about to boil some potatoes but was doing it reluctantly because of the heat when I remembered I had two cans of sliced potatoes in the cabinet. I added those cans into the crock pot and let it cook in with the sausage and peppers. I must say, it was rather good for a no-fuss dinner. I would do it again with maybe some fresh peppers and onions also and maybe some chopped tomato too. I love to experiment with food. Sometimes I get it right and sometimes I get it wrong. Tonight was a right night. I did this the other night on the stove with ground italian sausage. That was awesome over rice.

Isn't it funny when you ask God for some help and the help keeps coming. I am a greeting card queen. I love to send cards to people to bless them. Unfortunately with my own stress and family tragedies this has fallen to the wayside. Tonight at around 10, I was determined to write cards to some people that were on my mind. It started off with just two people. I ended up with nine cards to send to people. God just kept putting more and more names in my mind that needed some encouragement. It is amazing. I know when I go to bed that some more names will come to me . Also tomorrow in church more names will come. I just love sending cards. You know you can not always go visit or call but you can send a card. Sometimes I have specific cards but today they were all blank which meant I had to work a little to get the message across. It does not matter what you write. If someone had surgery, all I write is Praying For You and sign it. Goodness, just writing those cards has blessed me and I really want to bless others.

Oh, I also have to tell you about my spoiled outdoor cat. She gets fed twice a day and she knows her schedule. If we are behind, she will jump on the wooden rail and try to look in the house at me until she gets fed. Well last night we had salmon patties. We saved the juice for her but she would not eat it. She smelled it then looked at me like I was absolutely crazy. I went in and brought her out some fresh food. Here is the kicker, she would not eat it because the salmon juice was still out there. She walked away but when I took the salmon juice back inside, she walked up and started eating her plain old food. This flabbergasted me, I figured an outdoor kitty that catches rabbits and mice would eat anything. Nopers , not her. By the way she does not eat the bunnies or mice, nope, just brings them to me but she leaves the birds alone. I just can not figure her out.

Well that is enough of this and that for now.... Still needing a lot of prayer, still discouraged on so many issues right now.

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That corgi :) said...

don't be discouraged, Becky; I know it is hard when things are going not good, but remember God is in control and none of this is catching him by surprise. He is walking alongside you and he knows your needs.

I think it is neat you send notes/letters to people to encourage them. dinner also sounded good!! don't forget, you are a daughter to the King!