Wednesday, April 29, 2015


We are finding it easier to go through some of my brother's belongings slowly. Today we went through two Bibles, one when he was a young boy and  a New Testament he took to church as an adult . My brother was an ordained deacon at our church. We found a note in his New Testament of some notes he wanted to share with the deacons about things that were not quite right. Some background history, my brother wanted change, these men wanted to do things the way they have always done it. This became a big problem in the meetings.

Out of the blue one week my Grandfather received a visit from some of the older deacons. There was a big vote going out on some change in the church, they were collecting votes. It was kind of dumb to go to the grandfather of a deacon wanting change. Their philosophy was they were visiting the elder members who get ignored...ok....Well, within a few hours my Grandfather calls my mom hotter than a firecracker. These men had told him there was a big vote coming up and they needed his vote to keep the church the way it has always been . He played their game while they were there because he is no dumb bunny. My grandfather already knew what was going on. These men told him that evil had gotten into to our church through one of the deacons and this deacon was wanting to change how things have always been done...ummmmh! This is his grandson. He not only was angry about why they came to the house but their agenda. He said in 40 years, no deacon has been to my house. Furthermore, wanting me to vote on something and thinking I am dumb enough to not know they are calling my grandson evil. This took place when my grandfather was of his good mind.

Well, in my brother's Bible we found a notecard in his hand-writing. It had  letters circled and notes beside each letter of things he wanted to talk about. The second letter was V for Visitation....are we doing it because we care , money or to get votes for our own agenda . Then you saw written, Grandfather/evil. Off those few words I remembered the whole story.

I was re-reading my blog the other night of some past posts. One of them talked about a man who disliked my brother but years later came up to my Mother and I and talked about my brothers passion for change and how he loved my brother. He also stated he sobbed and sobbed at the funeral.....Well , it was the same man my brother had wrote those words about. He is now in Heaven also.

I will post memories from time to time. Sometimes they will make sense to no one but me but I want to share....

My church is struggling to this day because the elders didnt allow change and now all the young ones who would carry on the church have left. HMMH! I wonder if that's how God wants his churches to be.


betty said...

No, that is not how God wants his church to be. I love the church we are going to right now because their motto has always been it is Jesus' church. When a church thinks that way, they will govern that way with the elders or deacons.


TBR/Committed Thoughts said...

If that church is causing you angst, perhaps it would be time to move on, too. Sad, isn't it?