Sunday, July 13, 2014


Currently trying to decide and unfortunately experiencing at the same time.....

Is it harder to lose someone suddenly without warning or to lose someone slowly and watch them suffer through life?

I have experienced the first and it was awful. I am experiencing the latter and it is awful.

Today was a whoah is me day. Alot of nothing, alot of thinking, a lot of dazing. A lot of eating because thats what I do.

Tomorrow, I put on my big girl panties and not let what I am currently facing stop what I have accomplished so far with my health, I will get my act together and continue my weight battle.

Please pray for my Dad as his health is failing. He fell again today and took 3 of us to get him up. My Mom is frustrated because she cant help. Just pray.


betty said...

This is a tough contemplation and I think everyone would have different answers. As a parent, if I had to have my child die before I died, I would want it to be quick; I wouldn't want them to suffer; their loss on both accounts whether it was prolonged as in cancer or sudden as in a car accident, would still be unbearable, but I think having them go sudden would be easier than seeing them linger, in pain, and knowing there's not much I could do to comfort them.

Watching parents' health fade is hard too, especially if you remember their vitality of years ago and now how frail they are. In the case of a parent, I would think again having them go quickly rather than linger would be what I would opt for too.

In any circumstance, it is always hard to lose those that we love, no matter how they go.

Yes, do continue your weight loss battle. You are doing well with it and you want to continue the progress downward.

I am sorry for your father's declining health.


The Brown Recluse said...

Becky, I am sorry about your dad. Having just gone thought both of those scenarios, I'd have to say the sudden death is the worst.

I wish I had words of encouragement for you. I'll be praying. Please remember that the Lord is praying for you, too.