Sunday, June 23, 2013

Little League Games

My little league vent to grown adult men......

GROW UP! The umps call the calls as they see them, not as you see them. I learned this years ago from my brother, who was an umpire. You are not in their view or angle.

Dear 2 grown men on the opposing team..... you were acting like you were a 9 or 10 year old.... well let me say you were acting like a spoiled 5 year old. Even the 9-10 year old players were acting better than you on the calls. The ump had the coaches warn you before you had to be ejected from the stands but you kept running your mouth.

Oh and it was so mature of you to walk behind the opposing team players and say to those boys...."You guys really are playing a great game guys.....Thanks to the umpires" you were leaving from being ejected. Wonderful sportsmanship to teach your kids, well oops on my , you didnt act like that in front of your kids. Guess what... the kids learned about sarcasm in school this year so they knew you were being ugly.

Had my nephew told me this sooner, you would have had one angry aunt following behind you running her mouth.... DON'T MESS WITH MY NEPHEW AND HIS TEAM! They won fair and square . The umps made bad calls against us too.

All I have to be acting like that you must be making up for a mighty small......well I will say brain but I dont mean the one in the head.

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