Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Easily Discouraged

I have not posted much about the personal and corporate mess that I have been left with .

Today I did learn how easily you can get discouraged and give up when things seem unreachable. My brother did just that when he got into a little trouble a few years ago. A little amount becomes huge in a short period with penalties, fees, and interest.

I have been paying diligently over and beyond on a small tax matter that I inherited. Well, I didn't inherit it, it was always in my name I just was not aware of the situation. That in itself is about three days worth of blogging. Anyhow, I thought I was in the final stretch and thought I could pay the final amount off next week only to discover that in that three months an additional $600 accumulated in fees, interest and penalties. Honestly , its crazy.

I can understand whopping into someone who just refused to pay and is refusing to pay but for someone diligently paying over and beyond to get whopped more......It is really discouraging.  I used to look at people who didn't pay their taxes and think...STUPID but now I see, I feel and I understand. One oops or one month of simple forgetfulness can add up real quick. For confession reasons... this was way over a month for my bill, I don't want to be misleading. On the defense note.... they were filed and the monthly amount wasn't much....its the penalties, interest and fees that kill you.

Now ask me why I don't want to own and run my own business.... My forgetfulness and mistakes would cost me way too much.

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