Wednesday, August 29, 2012

You Big Dummy....

Yeppers that is what I feel like. I finally took the initiative to take test one of two for entrance into a program to pursue my Masters in Special Education.

I have been studying for weeks, mostly math. All that studying felt useless. The math had things I did not study and very little of what I did study. I read on a feed that it was heavy in geometry. Well there were about 3 out of 60 questions on geometry.

I will have the official results in about two weeks but I am pretty sure I am going to have to retake it in a month or two. I know that sounds negative but it was a tough test. I can usually approximate the answers in math in multiple choice but today I had to refer to my old handy dandy..... EENY, MEENY , MINEY , MOE.... then pray that MOE was the answer.

On another note, I learned the lesson about going to a beauty school to get your haircut. They caught my eye with the $8 haircut sign. I have been needing a haircut and I only had $10. Well, at a beauty school, tell them half the amount of hair you want cut off because then they will double that amount and it will be exactly what you wanted. My hair had really grown this summer and was nappy.The girl was very sweet and loved my hair. She kept asking if I was sure I wanted two inches off. I kept telling her yes. Well she did initially cut 2 inches the first time. Then she discovered she had cut the layers uneven and had to fix it. Well there went more hair. At a beauty school, the teacher has to come around and approve the haircut then fix mistakes. She cut a little more to make it to her satisfaction. In the end.... I lost almost 4 inches of length . I should be mad but I am not. I actually like it . I will go back again but I just hope it doesnt take almost an hour and a half for a simple layer and trim. I give the girl credit, she was very articulate and did not let me leave with uneven hair. The one thing about hair.... it grows back and mine grows. These girls need practice and I dont mind being their guinea pig....... Did I tell you that this hour and a half cut was right after my 4 hour test in which I had to sit the whole time?  Yeah... I was tired of sitting.

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