Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Crazy Lady Update

The crazy lady's Alzheimer's has become extremely worse. We received a phone call today that she has been sending money to scammers. I don't know how much all together. I just know today was $500.If she sent this amount, they will deposit money into her account. I just know it took the police over an hour to piece together what has been going on and that it is more than one scam she has fallen for. Her husband had to call the police when he figured out what she has been up to. She told the police that it is not a scam and her memory and mental state is fine. She also told them that her husband just does not want her to have money so he was trying to stop all this. Alrighty then.... Her children are seeking legal advice to start procedures for deeming her incompetent... oh she will fight. One of her children wants my Mom to help but we have advised her not to because this is not her battle. Her battle is over and somewhat settled.

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