Sunday, May 1, 2011

Seamstress Needed

I have waited to the last minute because of finances to buy a bridesmaid dress. My best friend in Oregon is getting married for the second time but having her first wedding. I did not know if I really could travel to the wedding until the last few weeks. There are two bridesmaids, myself and her 18 year old daughter. She picked a dress that looks great on her daughter but the whole back shows which is not good for a fat 38 year old. She told me I could get any dress but try to get it as close to her daughter's color. I went to the bridal shop and the dresses all run 2 sizes small, so the largest size is too small in the in-stock dresses. They can order it but now they are running the week of July 23 but her wedding is July 2. The express dresses don't come in my size. I know I waited until the last minute but I had no money.

I went to the fabric store and found some material that matches but now I need a cheap seamstress. Do you know of one?


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That corgi :) said...

I don't, but I think it is neat you can be in your friend's wedding and Oregon is beautiful!

I had a dress made for my sister's wedding years ago when I was the matron of honor. I can't remember how I found the seamstress but she did a great job (bit expensive but there was no way I was going to make that dress, LOL). I think I found her in the want ads; she worked out of her home.

Good luck!