Saturday, April 23, 2011

This and That...

  • Had a great turnout for my church's Easter Egg Hunt. We had over 25 kids and it was barely advertised. I was stoked. 25 children for my church is great.

  • I have been fooling my Father lately, we have been switching our ground beef for the low fat ground turkey in our meals. He has yet to catch on. Tonight I just cooked turkey burgers and he is in there almost licking the plate. He is a ground beef man, he could eat it every day.

  • Gas prices are ridiculous, plain ridiculous.

  • I worked all week at the school I interviewed for last summer in a business position. Not only did I substitute there but also the attendance office. It was a great week. The lead teacher that interviewed me had avoided me for a long time. She approached me Friday to tell me she appreciated me doing the position all week. That she was surprised I didn't have any major behavior issues and never needed security nor her. It meant a lot to me that she took the time out to tell me that. Let's hope she remembers that if they have a position open back up. Then I was asked to help in the attendance office all week during my breaks from my classes I was subbing. I don't have to do that as a sub. I only HAVE to sub for the position I came in for. I am flexible and helped out. I enjoyed that too. The main secretary came in to buy me lunch but I had already had lunch so she told me next time I am in the school she is buying me lunch. They were surprised at how well I caught on and was able to cover it with no help on Friday. I think I am going to tell her forget lunch just remember when she hears a business position open to recommend me. The assistant principal even came in to thank me for covering the attendance office. It is a big job, believe me and I didn't do the computer part of it but all the other stuff. The main principal, who kind of avoids me too, went by stopped and waved at me in there too. I hope I made some impressions.

  • Another mother at my nephew's game called me his mother today. My brother-in-law and my sister get very upset when this happens. I always correct the offender and say... I am the auntie. My brother-in-law told the woman she just said fighting words. When will my family understand, they only call me this because my sister and I look just alike. If they do not see us all the time they don't know we are two different people. I am not trying to be his mother, she is and will always be. I just support him in everything he does.

That is it for now... I know it has been a few weeks. I am going to try to start exercising again this week. Cheer me on!


The Brown Recluse said...

I wonder why your sister and BIL get so upset over such a comment? Seems kinda...over the top.
My daughter called my sister "Mama" when she was really little because she kept her during the day while I went to school.
Now my sister did get upset once when some distant relatives of her then-husband asked her if *I* was her daughter. ROFL!!

That corgi :) said...

great you will start exercising again, Becky!

how fun with the egg hunt! I'm helping out at our church's tomorrow, always love seeing little ones scampering for eggs!

Good for you for doing well at that school, Becky! It was good you went the extra distance and did the best job you could do and hopefully they'll notice you the next time they have an opening!!

cute about your dad and "tricking" him with the turkey, but really it is healthier for him!!

I'm with Meg, I'm wondering why your sister/BIL would be upset over a comment? I know you are very involved in your nephew's life and I think that is wonderful but I don't think you ever represented yourself other than his aunt. Maybe they have some guilt feelings about something??

Happy Easter!