Saturday, April 9, 2011

Happy Birthday 2!

Happy Birthday to my Father! He is 73. Happy Birthday to my spiritual sister from another mother. Jennifer over at Noodle's Nest. She is 29 again. ( Well if I pretend to be 29, she has to also , so she wont give away my age since we are only a day apart. ) Tomorrow I am going out to lunch with my family to celebrate my birthday, my Dad's birthday, my grandfather's 97th birthday that is on the 13th, and my cousin's 47th birthday on the 14th. A month full of birthdays. Happy Belate Birthday to my other best friend who celebrated on the 4th. Here is some useless interesting information. I have three terrific friends. The two mentioned in this post were both born in April, like myself of the same year. My birthday is 4/8. My third long-time terrific friend was born on 8/4 of the same year. We have laughed about never forgetting each other's birthdays because you just have to switch the numbers. How neat. If you are reading this and have a birthday this month, Happy Birthday to you too.

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That corgi :) said...

that is a lot of birthdays so close together! Happy birthday to your dad! enjoy your family celebration!