Thursday, April 15, 2010

A substitute for a substitute...

A substitute for a substitute. Yep that is what the high school I worked for today needed. I went in with just a small headache thinking I slept wrong. I went to my first class which was collaborative class which means there are two teachers. The fluorescent lights were bugging me today then my left eye started quivering and flickering. Then I was sweaty hot. This confused me because a migraine headache for me starts with a flickering of my right eye. This started with a light headache then the aurora then the intense pain. My next class was a free class time so I went to the teachers lounge which has a nice recliner. I had a two hour break so tried to see how I was after an hour. I just did not feel good on my stomach after that and was cold. I went to the office and turned in my paperwork and apologized to the secretary and told her I just could not do it anymore today. She seemed ok but shocked. I pray that they will not put a bad mark on my record. I only get three strikes as a sub before I will be released. I have been faithful since December when I first started subbing everyday. I have never called out nor cancelled a job but today was different. I just wish I was at one of the schools that see me more regularly. This was only my 4th time at this school. Pray for this to work out for me.


That corgi :) said...

poor you with your headache; I'm thinking the school district would not hold this against you; at least you showed up and tried to do the best you could before you had to leave for the day

hoping the headache is gone by now


The Brown Recluse said...

I'm sure that since they knew you were sick they would not hold it against you. Everyone gets sick.